When you hear the word ‘sister’ you automatically think unconditional love, respect and loyalty….but the beginning is quite the contrary for many. Our story is exactly that, sisters 1, 2 and 3. By the way, I am sister 2. My older sister was only 11 months older than me, the perfect child, and most importantly never cried and then I came along 11 months later, crying screaming and the most clingiest baby ever. My poor mum used to have to carry me on her hip and make chapattis because I wouldn’t want her to put me down.  

I had the classic middle child syndrome, jealous, envious attention seeker. I did everything to get attention even if that meant getting my sister into trouble. This went on for most of our younger years. We fought like cats and dogs. Then came along sister 3 when I was 5 years old and my motherly instincts kicked in, I immediately felt an immense love for this little sister. Now that I think about it, it all seems really bizarre as I didn’t feel that for my eldest sister at that age.  

Me and sister 1 became teenagers and that’s when the dynamic of our relationship started to shift. We became close, we worked together on house chores, played together a lot and enjoyed each other's company. We even helped each other with school homework. It was like a natural progression from being as mean to each other as youngsters to becoming caring and loving towards each other, it grew into an amazing relationship! 

All 3 of us were close growing up and even though we fell out from time to time we always had each other's back no matter what, this security was magical it was unconditional and unapologetic. The sisterly bond grew as we grew and blossomed into an amazing relationship between the 3 of us. 

The older we grew the more common ground we shared, wanting to help others, being there for others, supporting others and this common ground drew us closer to a vision. A vision to do something that not only benefits us but the wider world, benefits everyone involved and helps make the world a better place. Our need to help others, identified a strong desire to create Spindle by Sisters. 

The greatest asset from working with each other was we knew each other's strengths, so dictating who did what was easy and no resistance created. Sister 1 was a fountain of knowledge when it came to trends and who what where, sister 2 (me) organised, perfectionist and willing to learn, and sister 3 the graphic designer so she would manage all things creative, the tech bits like website, Instagram, Pinterst, TikTok and well anything with the word design in it. 

Another bonus to working with family was that we knew each other's personal lives too, so helping each other create a perfect work life balance, being lenient with each other and ready to take on another task because they couldn’t cope came as second nature. 

No skeletons allowed in anyone’s closets, we are brutally honest with each other whether it comes to products or decisions and how we feel. We have a fortnightly meeting for this specifically, obviously we speak to each other on the daily and if we need a morale boost or break we ask for it. 

All decisions are made collectively, and if there is a disagreement the best thing to do is sleep on it – no haste in decisions. 

If you're thinking of starting a business with your sisters/siblings we say go for it.



Tazmin x
(Sister 2) 

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