Buy a Giclée print and support those in need 

With every print you buy, we will donate 50% to Restless Beings  an international human rights organisation dedicated to supporting the world’s most marginalised communities through advocacy, activism and holistic humanitarian projects. 

They are committed to challenging and dismantling oppression and believe in the power of people coming together and collectively demanding change. Freedom, equality and justice should be for all and not the privileged few.


What is a Giclée Print?

The beauty of a giclée print is that each reproduction is as true to the original as possible, and a lot of that has to do with the 12 colours of the printer. Printers with 12 colours are better suited to accurately recreating the original look of the image. The special printer squirts ink not dye onto archival quality material – we have used the worlds first bamboo art paper, giclée prints demonstrate longevity with fade-resistant colours and said to last for 100-200 years.


What do I get for £35?

A print of an original painting by ChioPaints.
A4 size + 15mm border.
No frame.